Tuesday, July 06, 2010


The Earthican past time featuring mandatory steroids. A "jazzed-up" version of the ancient Earth sport "baseball." Players hit a ball on an elastic tether that is thrown, or "pitched," to the batter. Fielders try to prevent the ball from entering small holes in the field, which score blerns. Basic rules such as the strike zone and outs seem to remain the same as their ancient counterparts. The Blernsball Hall of Fame is located on the same plot of land as the ancient Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, New New York. Notable players include over twenty generations of Hank Aarons, the last of which was regarded as the worst player ever, batting a record .000 his entire career, until Turanga Leela in [3ACV16] becomes the first professional female blernsball player in the 3002 season, in which she pitched in over 100 innings without getting a single out. Teams include the New New York Yankees, the New New York Mets, the Mars Greenskins, the Boston Poindexters, and the Atlanta Braves.

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