Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick Hits

Good morning all.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day. Not much to report from here. I pinched a nerve in my neck a few days back which rendered me useless for a while but I'm almost 100% at this point. I don't know what the deal is with me and these bloody pinched nerves. I've gotten about two of them a year since I was in my twenties. They are very unpleasant. But you don't need to read about my problems... bring on the links!

1) is a site that lists all of the weekly specials of your local stores, so that you don't have to filter through that big stack of ads in the Sunday paper.

2) Bobcat Goldthwait has a new film starring Robin Williams, and it looks hilarious.

3) Two groups I've been listening to lately - X and Stereo Total. Good stuff.

4) I saw an ad for a medical product called Seasonique which reduces a woman's period from once a month to four times a year. Now I'm not a doctor, but this strikes me as unnatural a thing that one could do. How about a pill that prevents you from sweating or a or a cream that only lets you smile? I hate this kind of thing. It really creeps me out.

5) There's a new telephone scam involving jury duty that you all should be aware of. Read up on this one.

6) Las Vegas postcards; nostalgia for the golden age of Sin City.

7) How to maintain your Xbox 360.

8) I was looking up an actor from the 1930s/1940s named Robert Donat (one of my faves) and it turns out he has a MySpace page. For a laugh, check out his friends.

9) Speaking of things that creep me out, check out this Cronenbergian remote control. And it's real! The future looks scaaarrry, people.

10) Supercharge Your Garden with Home-Brewed Compost Tea.

11) 12 Grossest TV Characters Who Get Laid Constantly.

12) Here's a recipe for Strawberry Leather that I'm thinking of trying out. A great and healthy snack for kids and adults alike.

13) Some crazy Japanese company has invented underwear that removes the smell from farts. Uh... call me crazy but isn't the smell of a fart the second best part of a fart? The smell of a fart is a gift from God; you get to create a smell that is pleasurable to you but simultaneously nauseating to others. It's a remarkable thing.

14) How To Hide Your Facebook Profile From Google.

15) 25 awesome Cross-platform games you can download for free.

16) There are a few new PS3 games listed as Greatest Hits (which means they're cheaper).

17) There are bad tattoos, there are horrible, regrettable tattoos, and then there's this.

18) Here's a video on how to make Roasted Chicken with Pears. Prepared by Christopher Walken. Gold.

19) Vertex42 is a resource where you can download free excel templates, calculators, calendars and articles.

20) IGN's Overall Best of E3 2009 Awards.

21) Mind control video games are being tested in Japan. I imagine it will go something like this.

22) is a do-it-yourself guide dedicated to helping you prevent, eliminate or remove common annoyances from your life. They offer advice about stuff like pest control, physical health problems, mental health problems, housekeeping, personal hygiene, computer repair, stain removal, and much more.

23) Top 5 Things that Devalue Your House.

24) Here are the movies out on DVD this week (released yesterday):

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Pink Panther 2
Waltz with Bashir

Holy mackerel... no thank-you across the board. Have a listen to Here We Go by Stakka Bo.


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