Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick Hits

Hello all!

A few things have happened since the last time I checked in. Andre Agassi smoked a bunch of crystal meth, Sammy Sosa is white, and I am sans car. That's right. The car I was driving went back to the dealership and now I'm looking for a little cheapy to buy to get me through the next little while, or until I move to wherever the hell I going to move to. I've been checking the Hilton Head/Bluffton Craigslist posts and there have been a few possibilities but they have all gone very quickly. I'm trying to keep it under two thousand which leaves the options VERY slim. Thppt. I'll keep you updated. Time for some quick hits!

1) Have a look at Lamebook, a blog that posts the worst that Facebook has to offer. VERY funny stuff.

2) Pulp International has a fascinating post on Hollywood icon Gene Tierney, and the tragedy of her first child.

3) Cheap Ass Gamer, a site for used and discounted games, has started a service called Games For Canada, which allows Canadian gamers to buy used games from the US without having to pay out the ass in shipping.

4) Maggwire is a site that compiles magazine articles for online viewing. Fully customizable - very cool.

5) People who have been banned from hosting Saturday Night Live.

6) 20 essential Firefox tweaks that everyone should know (from AntB). If you haven't ditched Internet Explorer for Firefox yet, get on the bus.

7) Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers has opened a free music conservatory. Awesome.

8) How to make salads interesting.

9) AudioRaider is a Google-powered MP3 search engine that lets you find and download MP3s. All AudioRaider search results are pulled out directly from Google Index. Once you find what you’re looking for you can save it to your system using “right click” and “save target as” option.

That's it! Have a listen to Decepticon by Le Tigre.


Special Jay says,

"I'll take you on my trikecycle, Mr. Andyboy!"

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