Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quick Hits

Good morning all!

Satuday morning quick hits... now that's dedication! As we find ourselves at the halfway point of El Verano De La Muerte I'm happy to report to those who may not have been paying attention that we are less then a month away from preseason football. Now we all know that preseason football is crap, but who cares! That's like trying to tell a starving man that a cracker doesn't taste good. I'll take any football I can get. And I'll tell you something else gang. I'm a Pats fan and normally I don't care about the Buffalo Bills (all my friends are Bills fans) because they are so far in our rearview mirror that games against them have been more like scrimmages against the B squad, but now that that douche Terrell Owens is on the team I honestly can't wait for my guys to lay waist to those hapless bitches. It ain't gonna be pretty. Time for some quick hits!

1) Here is the complete set of the Palin runner photos. Yum.

2) How to Ease Your Transition to Google Voice.

3) One of my favorite groups of recent years, Metric, has a new album out. (iTunes link).

4) The Origins of 7 Condiments & Sauces. While I'm at it, here's the recipe for Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.

5) Nielsen reports gamers getting frugal in response to economy. I know that I have.

6) Apparently that bullmess where people look in a mirror and give themselves a pep talk is actually detrimental to their self-esteem. Probably because you come out of it feeling like a dork for doing it.

7) I know that Michael Jackson's passing was sad, but at least something good came out of it.

8) 7 Classic Star Wars Characters Who Totally Dropped the Ball. GOLD.

That's it. Here's Straight From The Heart by Bryan Adams.


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  1. Nice analogy with the starving man.



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