Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick Hits

Good morning, people.

I gotta tell ya gang, life's pretty good these days. I've been working at the food bank which is very rewarding, I've been getting in touch with people from my past, and I finally got the truck nuts installed on my car. No complaints here. Time for some quick hits!

1) If you shop at Costco you should read this. You might be getting ripped.

2) Save a little scratch and tune up your A/C yourself.

3) In case anyone is curious, has a 1 TB external hard drive for only 80 skins. Boy, that's cheap.

4) Check out Best of Wikipedia to see some the best new articles that Wikipedia has to offer.

5) They're coming out with a Murder, She Wrote video game. For realzies. I don't think I'm interested in that, but I'm VERY interested in this video of Angela Lansbury teaching other old ladies how to be sexy.

6) Megan Fox continues her spree against douchy director Michael Bay in this video, in which she essentially calls him a retarded, pedophilic man-child. Sounds about right.

7) Here are tips for sleeping comfortably on a hot night.

8) Researchers have found that swearing profusely can actually help alleviate physical pain. This kind of sucks for me, because I just gave up cussing for good.

9) Ryan Reynolds has been cast as the Green Lantern. No problems here - love the guy.

10) Fancy Fast Food dares people to purchase fast food items and try to create an elegant dish from them. No easy feat. I'm thinking of trying this - I'll keep you posted.

11) The whole Freaks & Geeks series is now on sale for $37. That's a steal.

12) Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Better Coffee.

13) Here are the movies out in theatres tomorrow (Potter nerds rejoice!).

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I Love You, Beth Cooper
(500) Days of Summer

Nothing I'm too excited about there. We have some gems coming out on DVD next Tuesday though. Here's Pleasure Girls by The Diaboliks.


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