Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quick Hits

Hello all!

It's Saturday night and I'm not doing much so I thought I'd take a break from playing Condemned 2 and watching, that's right, NCIS to post a few links.

1) The Hotel Puerta America is the coolest hotel I've ever seen and boy would I love to stay there.

2) The hottest games yet to come in 2009.

3) If you want to kill a little time online, try the highly acclaimed game Today I Die.

4) I'm obsessed with The History Channel's new show, That's Impossible. Hosted by Jonathan Frakes!

5) Here's an article about how George Lucas completely ruined Jake Lloyd's life.

6) Speaking of obsession, I can't stop watching the cooking videos of Matt, who made the scrumptious looking omelette in the video I posted a few days ago.

7) If you have a blogger page you'll appreciate this. How to remove the blogger navbar.

8) Kazaa is becoming subscription service, so all you sinners/music thieves may have to start obtaining your songs legitimately.

9) 12 of the Most Expensive Foods and Drinks.

10) They now have TV protectors to save your screens from your Wii accidents.

11) 100 easiest, fastest recipes. Ever

12) Redneck cakes!

13) An Amazing Gallery of 15 Impossible Celebrity Couples. This is nifty stuff.

That's it gang. Have a listen to Peaceful by the marvelous Ray Conniff Singers.


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