Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Hits

Hello folks!

So there are a few games out there that I've wanted to pick up by sadly there is very little in the kitty these days. It's hard to have disposable income when there is no income to speak of. So I started selling my old games at Amazon. I put up five games and decided to price three of them at the lowest price. Much to my surprise, I sold three games (those three in fact) within 24 hours. So instead of having three games that I've played collecting dust around the house, they are now gone and I now have thirty bucks to show for it, all of which is going right back out to pick up some new goodies. BAM. There just may be something to this selling your used crap on the innernettes. Time for some quick hits!

1) From the LA Times - John Hughes: The soundtrack to a generation.

2) I watched a film called Big Man Japan the other day that I absolutely adored. It's the strangest film I've seen in years (and that includes Tokyo Gore Police) and is very, very funny. Check out Roger Ebert's review (he liked it as well).

3) MagMe is, as they mention, “an online service platform that provides a free distribution channel for digital publications.” This means that using this service you can read popular print magazines like National Geographic and MaximumPC in your browser, page by page. It offers a huge number of magazines in various categories like computers, lifestyle, fashion, fitness and more.

4) Children in horror movies - how they look today. Speaking of which, I've always felt quite bad for poor Linda Blair. She turned out to be a very attractive woman, but that doesn't matter because whenever anyone looks at her they imagine green vomit flying out of her.

5) While I'm thinking about where to spend my new found Amazon wealth, I may have to drop a little scratch on one of these.

6) Here is a page listing the many different varieties of moustaches. The reason for posting this is that I'm VERY seriously considering growing one of these. Can you guess which style I have my eye one? It's in there.

7) iHound is revolutionary software that helps protect your devices by alerting you when your USB digital device is connected to another individual's computer. iHound Software will alert you via email as soon as someone else tries to connect your device to a computer.

8) Has anyone seen this new show More to Love? It's like The Bachelor, except instead of vapid, egotistical pretty people trying to get laid it features sweet and lovely fat folks all trying to find true love. I can't get enough of it.

9) Here are tomorrow's DVD releases.

I Love You, Man
17 Again
The Class

Whateves. Nothing good in there. Hey! Do you want to know what I've been listening to lately? Have a listen to Don't Be That Way by The Marterie Men.



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