Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Hits

What's up gang?

Not much to report these days. Just pluggin' away at things. Same old same old. Keepin' on keepin' on. Headin' down that ol' dusty trail. Workin' hard and hardly workin'. Time for some quick hits.

1) I found out that The Partridge Family put out a Christmas album many many moons ago. So apologies in advance to all of those I spend Christmas with. You know what's coming.

2) Brace yourselves for a St. Elmo's Fire TV show. God help us.

3) If you're looking to kill a little time, check out People are stupid.

4) IGN's Top 100 Video Games of All Time.

5) Top 10 Tricks for Creatively Hiding Your Stuff.

6) HeyCraig is a useful website which helps you set up email alerts for searches on Craigslist.

7) Here's Toronto's smallest house. Pretty neat.

8) The 10 Ugliest Rappers of All Time.

9) Attention Smallville fans; The Wonder Twins are coming.

10) Screenr is the best option for creating screencasts fast and getting them posted immediately. All you do is let the Java-powered recording app load from the Screenr Web page and hit a button to record a screencast of up to five minutes (from AntB).

11) Bruce Willis has been added to the cast of The Expendables. Unbelievable.

12) The Seven Least Convincing Movie High Schoolers. Nice to see Stockard Channing on that list for Grease. She could have played one of their milfy parents, for pity's sake. I like the American Dad quote about her:

Stan: He knew Stockard Channing when she was in her late forties!
Roger: No, I knew Stockard Channing in the late forties. She was 50.

13) Louis CK is getting is own show on FX. He's one of the funniest guys around. Be sure to give it a shot when it starts.

14) Here are the movies coming out this weekend.

That's it, party people. Have a great weekend and enjoy Could It Be I'm Falling in Love by The Spinners.


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