Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quick Hits

Hello friends.

Not a whole lot to report, people. Food bank, movies, etc. You know the drill. So pull up your winkers and let's take a stroll through the fantastical world known as the Innernettes.

1) Batman: Arkham Asylum reviews are coming in and let's just say it's the superhero game we've all been waiting for.

2) Golden-Hour: Know When to Take Beautiful Golden Hour Photos.

3) 10 Gruesome Bible Scenes Recreated in Lego.

4) Five films that inspired Inglorious Basterds.

5) 8 Ways To Stay Positive About This Goddamn Stupid Recession.

6) America's first Internet addiction center has opened near Seattle. As difficult as it may be for us to understand this, an addiction is an addiction. So good for them.

7) Now that Monk is in it's final season, USA has decided to run webisodes called Little Monk, about his childhood. Neat!

8) GoBYO is a cool online service that helps you search restaurants in major US cities that allow you to bring your own wine (BYO).

9) Here are the movies out on DVD this week.

Hannah Montana: The Movie
Last House on the Left

Have a listen to The Fall by ELO. Have a great week!



  1. Golden-Hour link doesn't work. :(

  2. At an addiction center you can expect treatment with a an addiction medicine specialist, drug and alcohol therapist and group counseling based on a 12 step treatment model.


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