Thursday, October 01, 2009

ESPN NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

1 (1) Ravens 3-0-0 They've got a great defense and an offense averaging 34 points per game. (Chadiha)
2 (3) Colts 3-0-0 The Colts seem to be in their traditional early season form, which means they are hard to beat. (Kuharsky)
3 (2) Giants 3-0-0 The Giants stay ahead of their long injury list by winning. (Clayton)
4 (7) Saints 3-0-0 They're 2-0 on the road and have four of their next five games at home. (Sando)
5 (5) Vikings 3-0-0 Brett Favre has lived up to the hype so far. (Chadiha)
6 (8) Jets 3-0-0 The Jets team that beat the Titans on Sunday might have more staying power than the 8-3 Jets that beat Tennessee in 2008. (Clayton)
7 (10) Patriots 2-1-0 Tom Brady might not have his offense in sync yet, but you can see it's coming. (Clayton)
8 (4) Falcons 2-1-0 You know the Falcons have made progress when a road loss to the Patriots stands as a disappointment. (Sando)
9 (9) Eagles 2-1-0 Expect Donovan McNabb to return after the bye week, but Kevin Kolb kept the offense humming during his absence. (Clayton)
10 (12) Packers 2-1-0 They should be pumped for their first meeting with Brett Favre. (Chadiha)
11 (24) Bengals 2-1-0 They haven't been this impressive since winning the division in 2005. (Chadiha)
12 (11) Chargers 2-1-0 They have a great opportunity to make a statement in Pittsburgh, where the Steelers will be feeling desperate. (Kuharsky)
13 (20) Broncos 3-0-0 A great start against lightweights will now be measured against a much tougher five-pack. (Kuharsky)
14 (14) Bears 2-1-0 It's now hard to remember how lousy Jay Cutler played in Week 1. (Chadiha)
15 (13) 49ers 2-1-0 Nothing quite like a home game against the Rams to cleanse the palate following the taste of bitter defeat. (Sando)
16 (6) Steelers 1-2-0 Think they miss Troy Polamalu? (Chadiha)
17 (15) Cowboys 2-1-0 Tashard Choice and Felix Jones prove the Cowboys can still have a running offense when Marion Barber is injured. (Clayton)
18 (16) Titans 0-3-0 Drops have to be a big practice issue this week, on special teams and for pass targets. (Kuharsky)
19 (18) Cardinals 1-2-0 The bye week comes at a good time because Kurt Warner is hurting and the Cardinals have much to figure out. (Sando)
20 (17) Texans 1-2-0 The Texans lost one they had to have to the Raiders last year. They'll try again, this time in Houston. (Kuharsky)
21 (21) Bills 1-2-0 Terrell Owens' 185-game reception streak was snapped Sunday. The next thing to snap will be T.O. (Clayton)
22 (27) Jaguars 1-2-0 Would a win over winless Tennessee qualify as an upset at this point? (Kuharsky)
23 (22) Seahawks 1-2-0 Two of their top three corners are out and the other one, Ken Lucas, has been banged up. Hello, Peyton Manning. (Sando)
24 (19) Dolphins 0-3-0 With Chad Pennington likely done for the season, the rebuilding program officially begins with new QB Chad Henne. (Clayton)
25 (25) Panthers 0-3-0 Who are these guys? Carolina seems to be searching for its identity three games into the season. (Sando)
26 (23) Redskins 1-2-0 As much as Clinton Portis is being stopped on goal-line plays, maybe Jim Zorn should let Portis call a few plays. (Clayton)
27 (26) Raiders 1-2-0 Raiders' passing average: 119.7 yards per game. Next worst passing average: Cleveland (146.7). (Kuharsky)
28 (31) Lions 1-2-0 That won't be the last victory they get this season. (Chadiha)
29 (29) Browns 0-3-0 As ugly as this looks, it's only going to get worse. (Chadiha)
30 (30) Chiefs 0-3-0 Improved third-down efficiency on offense has to be one of the Chiefs' top priorities. (Kuharsky)
31 (28) Buccaneers 0-3-0 Raheem Morris was all smiles when the Bucs hired him as head coach. He could not have known what awaited. (Sando)
32 (32) Rams 0-3-0 If QBs Kyle Boller or Marc Bulger cannot find open receivers, it's probably because there aren't any. (Sando)

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