Monday, October 19, 2009

Quick Hits

Hi gang!

Wow I've been busy. I know that seems to be the only thing coming out of my yap these days, but it's true. I started out with the idea that I'd do a little random computer repair work and that has ballooned into huge amounts of freelance work for two fine individuals. So that's awesome. AND there's the fact that the Patriots smoked the fakakta Tennessee Titans this week by a handsome score of 59-0. I had a conversation with Stewie before the season started regarding Brady being rusty, and I said that if the Pats could make it through week six with a 3-3 record then they'd be fine. And they are sitting atop the AFC East at 4-2. Sweetness. Time for some quick hits!

1) If you haven't had the chance to catch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (the funniest show on television), here's a site that shows all the episodes. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

2) I use Google Images a fair amount and have just discovered Google Similar Images, which is much, much better.

3) Top 10 Bone Crushing Hits In Youth Football History.

4) 40 Ways to Download FREE Music Legally – The Ultimate Guide.

5) Top 6 Coolest iPhone Tricks & Tips.

6) How to brew hard cider from scratch.

7) Why Patrick Swayze Was The Second Best Movie Star Ever.

8) In light of news that David Cronenberg is remaking The Fly, here are five directors who have remade their own films.

9) The 100 worst films since 2000.

10) Screentoaster is a free online screen recorder - a great way to remember what you did when fixing your computer, or creating tutorials for others.

11) Here are the movies out on DVD tomorrow.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Casi Divas

Whatevs to that pile o' crap. Have a listen to Cha Cha No. 5 by Al Logan.


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