Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick Hits

What's the word, motherlovers?

All's quiet these days, folks. Nothing to report. I'm a pretty happy guy. Let's see what the internet has to offer.

1) Attention photography fans: Learn to Breathe Like a Sniper to Take Better Photos in Low Light.

2) The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time.

3) TV's 25 Biggest Flops Ever.

4) iLike is a social music discover site that allows you not only to discover music playlists available on the web but also to share your own playlists to the world. iLike also links to iTunes and Amazon music stores.

5) Black Friday deals are starting to appear - check you them out at

6) If you are planning to paint your room (house, apartment or flat) and not sure what colors to use, enter a It is a website that lets you upload an image of your room, apply desired colors to the walls and see how it looks.

7) If you're tired of all the extra bullmess that appears on Facebook, give Facebook Lite a whirl.

8) 6 Tough Relationship Talks You Must Have. Good advice here for the fellas.

That's it and that's all. Have a listen to Cha Cha Cha by Beny More (I've having a love affair with Cha Cha music these days).


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