Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm guilty of my share.

The Most Irritating Phrases in the English Language

Cliches from 2006: best.[something].ever, I just threw up in my mouth, going green, [blank] is the new [blank], tween, douche, rad, drama, blogosphere, ginormous, bajillion, totes, bro, bra, bromance.

Office Jargon: team-building, value-added, grassroots, reach out, multitasking, no-brainer, low-hanging fruit, monetize, ping.

Faux Ghetto Slang: killin it, for real/for reals/on the real/keepin' it real, hit me up, oh snap!, chillaxing.

Unnecessary Conjunctions and Transitions:
no offense but ..., all of the sudden, basically, ironically, actually, honestly, totally, hopefully, as to whether, I swear to God, you know.

Misused/Mispronounced Phrases: irregardless (for "regardless"), aggravate (for "irritate"), anyways/towards (anyway, toward), for all intensive purposes (for "for all intents and purposes"), suppose to (for "supposed to"), could of (for "could have"), analyzing/analyzation (for "analysis"), literally (when meant figuratively).

Internet acronyms/LOLCat slang (Even When Used Ironically): OMG, i can haz, LOLz, teh Internets, Oh noes!, Obvs, PWN.

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  1. I HATE "chillaxing" and folks use it on Facebook all the time. It aggravates AND irritates the hell out of me


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