Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wuzzup y'all.

Not a whole heck of a lot to report I'm afraid to say. Just thought I'd post some weekend quick hits. So on with the show!

1) Contrariwise is a website dedicated to literary tattoos. Does my tattoo count?

2) Here is a soundboard of audience sound effects (and more). I wish I had this back when I was doing the podcasts.

3) Cartoon adaptations of popular TV shows.

4) RemainInPlay offers 20 years of free retro games. Awsome site.

5) Fonolo is a handy web service that lets you skip the phone menu instructions and connects you directly to your desired extension. Instead of listening to the instructions you can visually scan the phone menu and click the spot you need to call.

6) Netflix has put the word out that it wants to stream movies on ALL consoles not just the XBox 360. So smarten up Sony, and get on the bus.

7) The Consumer Action Handbook is a free government publication, stuffed with advice on filing consumer complaints, finding money for college, resolving air travel issues, and much more. You can grab a free PDF now, or have it mailed to anybody.

8) Hey Panthers fans! Check out the encouraging words that Steve Smith had for Jake Delhomme in this video. Holy smokes.

9) The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia.

That's it motherlovers. Have a listen to Crash by The Apemen, my new favorite Trash/Surf band.


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