Thursday, September 03, 2009

Quick Hits

What's up, kids?

The College football season kicks off tonight which means that IronOrr and DJFick are bouncing off the walls with anticipation. Gamecock football kicks off tonight at seven on ESPN if anyone is interested.

I finally succumbed and signed up for Mafia Wars on Facebook and boy is it fun. Super addictive but fun. I encourage all to sign up. It's an absolutely terrific time waster.

After a very long wait I decided to give Watchmen a whirl. It is a very flawed film but I just loved it. The director, Zach Snyder, who is known for 300 and the Dawn of the Dead remake (both good), has made a wildly overstylized film, visually stunning but disjointed and lacking any real flow making it difficult to ever really settle in to the film. This is clearly another case of trying to cram too much of the material/mythology into one picture, a crime (although to a far lesser extent) commited recently by Chris Nolan in The Dark Knight. So why did I love it? The acting. The acting is this picture is superb across the board, particularly the work of Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup and the always excellent Patrick Wilson. If you can get past the staccatoed plot development and borderline cartoonish stylization, then there is a really enjoyable superhero film here. Highly Recommended, with caveats.

Time for some quick hits!

1) Use Your Oven to Bulk Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs. I can't wait to try this.

2) Learn to Throw a Knife. For the Ziva David in everyone.

3) The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine. I am a HUGE subscriber to this philosophy, especially now that money is tight.

4) People of Walmart is a blog that celebrates the wonderful rainbow of consumers that shop at the world's largest discount chain. There are mullets and muffintops galore (from DJFick).

5) Christopher Lee was knighted. Nice!

6) The 25 creepiest horror movie posters.

7) Here are the movies out in theatres tomorrow.

All About Steve

Here's Sukiyaki by Norrie Paramor (I can't believe how much great music I've found on the web lately).


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