Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick Hits

Hi All.

It's begun. I sat back like a lazy sloth and soaked up as much football as I could yesterday. I watched football from 2pm (when I got home) until around midnight when the Bears/Packers game came to an end (Cutler - you stink). Tonight the boys in blue take on the lowly Bills in Foxborough but I'm conflicted because tonight is pick-up volleyball night, but I don't think I can miss a Monday night home opener. Too many wonderful things to do! Time for some quick hits.

1) Anyone want to see what the First Lady of France looks like? Here she is.

2) The season premiere for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is this Thursday on F/X at 10pm. The funniest show on television, bar none.

3) 6 easy laptop repairs: Your step-by-step guide.

4) Here's a video of a kid on his first roller coaster ride. You get the full spectrum of emotions here.

5) The gender test results are in for Caster Semenya, the South African middle distance runner. I'll take door number three, please.

6) Crayola has an online colouring page maker that lets you upload photos and convert them to colouring pages. Great fun for the kids. You could make a colouring book of your vacation photos!

7) 5 Reasons Frozen Shrimp is Better. If you buy shrimp, read this.

8) StoryBird is a cool new service for kids and parents which allows them to create nice looking storybooks online and then share them with family and friends. They can sign up and start writing stories easily. The site also features an art gallery that has all kinds of artworks which can be used in the stories.

9) A dying breed: white receivers in the NFL.

10) Good deal: 5 Weeks of $5 Downloadable PC Games at Direct2Drive.

11) Here are the movies out on DVD tomorrow.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Easy Virtue
Full Battle Rattle
Next Day Air
Call of the Wild 3D
Treeless Mountain

Here's More to Luv by Minnutes.


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